Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

We all can’t deny that sex is a very interesting activity that everyone especially couples enjoy. Sex in relationships also depends on the time at which it is going to take place. There comes a time where you notice that your wife is not into sex more well, “text your wife to bed” is what you need to help you turn on your woman and get back to having fun. This is a review that guides on how to use text messages to help turn on your girlfriend or wife. Text your wife to bed review is very beneficial especially to men that don’t know how to tell women that they want to sleep with them. Below are some of the reviews to guide you when it comes to texting your wife to bed.

1. Using feminine language to make her feel sexy

bookOne of the ways to guide you in texting your wife to bed is using feminine or masculine language to make her feel sexy. Make her feel like she is the only woman you have; you can also compliment her good smiles, her perfect body and so on. By this move, it will grab her attention even more. She will now feel loved and treasured, and this will lead to her paying more attention to your messages. This is the second most important step to try to text you wife to bed.

2. The pivot of curiosity

This is the first step in texting your wife to bed. This is where you make the first approach by texting complementing her. After texting, you can relax and wait for her reply. After she replies, you can send more intimate and romantic messages which will grab her attention. The first step is capturing her attention. After this, you can go to the next step.


3. Accelerate or hasten the heat by narrating erotic stories

This is the stage where she feels that she is hotter and sexier than before. You can take advantage of this stage by making her imagine creating a sex experience with you. This will arouse her sexually. Keep on building the anticipation till she sees you and you see her.narrating erotic stories

4. Build up the eagerness for real sex

This is the last step in texting your wife to bed. This is where it all goes down. Since you had created anticipation earlier, she will be craving for sex at this stage.